Avitus Group provides a family of business solutions to all types of businesses.  Avitus Group is a uniquely designed company with a service offering that has never been seen before. We began with a different service delivery model and even a different approach to growth. Because of this, we have a culture of excellent customer service and employees who take great pride in the quality of their work. If you have a solid work ethic, think creatively, and want to roll up your sleeves and be a part of something special, you will want to contact us.All Avitus Group employees are motivated to grow and prosper our business.

As an Ambassador of Avitus Group, each employee works with our members to assist them with their own success story. Using knowledge, desire, and talent our innovative team works to attain our ultimate goal which is to watch our members prosper.


The Avitus Group Idea Pool is a program created to recognize process improvement ideas from Avitus Group Employees. Employees are encouraged to present ideas they believe will increase productivity, save time, and/or money to better serve Avitus Group and our clients. In return, Avitus Group will provide cash for ideas that are successfully implemented. The Employee Idea Pool provides Avitus Group the opportunity to hear ways to improve our delivery model, enhance our customer service, and insure that everyone at Avitus Group has a voice.


Avitus Group promotes the awareness and education of our employees on a variety of issues relating to health and wellness behavior. We strive to promote programs and policies for a healthy work environment. The Avitus Group Wellness Coordinator  provides wellness based programs and intercompany activities to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors for all employees. We encourage our employees to participate in this volunteer program in an effort to establish long lasting goals that will benefit the corporate culture of our company and enhance the overall lifestyles of our employees.


Now, do you think that you have the passion, motivation, and desire to succeed in an environment where you will be challenged to be the best? If so, then submit your resume today for one of the following positions.


Positions Currently Open with Avitus Group:


Marketing Account Executive - Billings, MT

Benefits Administrative Assistant - Billings, MT

HR Administrative Assistant-Billings, MT

Technical Support Tier I - Billings, MT

Benefits Specialist - Billings, MT




We are on the grow and that means we need people who want to grow with us. If this all sounds good to you and you think you have what it takes, contact us: .


"In addition to the obvious advantages of not having to perform payroll or the multitude of tax reports that go with being an employer, Avitus greatly helped with finding a new employee. They took on the job listing, initial interviews and narrowing down the candidate list to actual qualified people, saving me a great amount of time."

--Kevin Knapp, Owner
One Source Commercial Property Services


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